Geofency offers the easiest and most effective way to Monitor your Duration of Stays at defined locations. Over time, you will continuously receive comprehensive graphics and statistics!

Geofency automatically tracks the times you enter or leave your Points of Interest. Works great for monitoring working hours, client visits, lunch breaks and stays at your favorite places!

Let the iPhone do the nerve-racking time monitoring.

Are you tired of having to write down your working hours again and again? Are you tired of leaving the office absent, missing to check the clock? Can't you remember when you came or left your favorite places?

Let the iPhone do this nerve-racking time monitoring for you!

With the Geofency App this is now possible in an intelligent and clever new way!


Easy to use daily timesaver! You don't have to fiddle with time recordings on yourself. Simply mark your points of interest on a map and leave the rest to Geofency!

Don't be afraid that the app will shorten your battery life in the background - It just won't! Geofency relies on Geofencing and/or iBeacon technology for monitored regions that consume less battery than usual location services.